About Us

We still live in a predominantly patriarchal society where women are treated as second-class citizens and in many cases denied basic and equal rights. In fact, even in urban households, women are dealing with their own set of problems as male chauvinist behaviour is still apparent. Even though changes have taken place and progress has been made on the women’s rights front, we are far from an idealist world. We wouldn’t say that we vouch for a Matriarchal society, NO because that will get its own set of problems. But yes, we vouch for a world where Women are treated on equal grounds with Men. A society where woman are not merely treated as objects of pleasure and are given equal rights in all aspects of life.

Womanistan Web is the Indian Women’s virtual world. It is her resource on things that matter such as Personal Finance, Legal, Lifestyle, Health & Beauty, Travel, Gender Equality, Motivation, Career and much more. It is our humble attempt to make a small difference in the life of Indian Women.

Meet the two Musketeers behind it all


Payal Bhatia Madan – Ex-member of the rat race she now uses her time wisely to do things she loves like reading, travelling, listening to music and of course writing for the website. She is a Humanitarian who is passionate about empowering women in her own small way. She strongly believes in the power of words after all “the pen is mightier than the sword”.



Reeta Gandhi – 24/7 on the frontline of humanity she’s a voracious reader, occasional vagabond and a passionate cook. Work in progress towards sustainability because we have got just one Mother Earth. She’s got a magic wand called Whisk because ” where there is a whisk there is a way”.  She firmly believes that every life is a story waiting to be told.



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