10 Mental and Emotional Fitness Tips For Women

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The fitness mantra has been taken over by many people and women are not far behind. Physical fitness has always been given importance more so by Doctors. I had heard a talk by a renowned cardiologist on heart ailments and cure. He spoke on the importance of physical fitness. The Doctor nowhere mentioned the importance of mental and emotional fitness.

For example, when a woman is pregnant, all in the family, including the woman herself, focus on her well-being. They will do everything to keep her happy and charged up. However, once the baby is delivered, people forget that the mother still needs to be happy as she is nursing the baby. The whole focus now shifts on losing weight and being fit.

With Hormonal changes happening in a woman, a woman needs to also focus on mental and emotional fitness, which is a big neglected area.

10 things one can work on to develop mental and emotional fitness –
1.Let go – Let go of adhering to others expectations. Stop comparing yourself to other women. You are born with your DNA and circumstances. Every time you compare, make a mental note- ‘My DNA is different’. Every person has their own journey.

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2. It is OK to make mistakes – Who said you have to be perfect all the time. Majority of women have seen/ faced the consequences of being perfect. So what are the things women want to do perfectly, below are few examples

Perfections Experiments
Match the entire wardrobe
  • Try experimenting colors that you would otherwise avoid
  • Wear different socks on each foot while going for workout
  • Use less salt (this has its own benefits)
  • Eating healthy is good. Who said indulgence is a sin. Have your cake and eat it too.
  • Practice non-interference. It is OK for a child to get few marks. It is OK for them to fail. Tolerance for mistakes is the key.
  • You don’t need to look good all the time. Try looking untidy, Let your hair be freezy. It is fun.

3. Stop pleasing – Learn to say NO. The only person you need to please is yourself. Stop being a perfect daughter, mom, and wife. If things go wrong in the family, stop being responsible.

4. Get out of the guilt trap – Women are conditioned to be guilty. Learn to stop expecting from yourself. Guilt for not being the perfect daughter, wife, mother or friend.

5. Your happiness is only in your hands – When were the times you were really really happy. No one can make anyone happy. So stop expecting that your parents, husband, and children will make you happy.

6. Compromise – Let go of this word from your dictionary. Self-pity is the enemy of a woman. It is easier said than done. Majority of the women are graduates in compromising for parents, in-laws husbands and children. Make a small diary and list things where you feel you have compromised and work on it.

7. Be Aware – Be aware of what is happening within you. Being aware of your emotions. List your emotions – happy, jealous, fear, resentment, blame, anger, worry, and guilt. Listing this will help you be more aware of your senses.

8. Get financially independent – Financially independent means not just earning money but also managing it. It will do wonders for your self-esteem.

9. Take out time for yourself – Go watch movies, meet friends. Solitude has its own power and benefits.

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10. Meditate – Once a day meditation will do wonders to balance your emotions. Meditation helps you to calm down and work on your anxieties. Meditation helps you to think clearly. Experts recommend a minimum of half an hour of meditation.

The above 10 habits can be inculcated in our daily routine in the same way as going to the gym or for a workout.

A lot depends on how serious you are to develop your mental and emotional fitness.

Share your mental and emotional fitness mantra with us on womanistanweb@gmail.com or comment below.

Stay happy stay healthy

With Gratitude
Dr. Sonali Wagle

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8 Responses

  1. Mamta Raja says:

    Super 😊We give so much importance to physical fitness,mental fitness is equally important!

  2. Sujal Wagle says:

    This is so true for every women… we really tend to neglect ourselves day by day… its very important that we learn how to mange our mental health along with physical health.

  3. Manisha says:

    Lovely article ! Message is right but applies to all humans I think…not just women. Even men need to practice mental and emotional health. So I feel one more addition can be sharing our feelings with friends- it is also a good habit !! All the best.

  4. Sonali Wagle says:

    Thank you Mamta, Sujal, Manisha. Appreciate the inputs. Manisha i take your point.

    Lots of love to the lovely ladies.
    Stay healthy ..stay happy.

  5. It’s so well said ..remove time for yourself to be YOU

  6. Sharu Anjirbag says:

    Beautiful read👌 Very comprehensive and great information.Everyone who reads it will certainly find some area where they can work on themselves. Looking forward to more such articles. Keep them coming Sonali Wagle😊👍

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